Hash Guides


  • Public property is simple, private property – please obtain permission. Do not take the pack across “No Trespassing” signs without permission – otherwise in pretty good shape.
  • Please try and pick a start/end location out of the way that does not draw attention to us for singing and holding red solo cups.
  • Please scout well in advance and be familiar with the tides (work them how you wish).
  • Please post info about trail on Facebook by Thursday evening of the week prior to the of your weeks trail including start location address and directions if you like but most important is an address. That way we can cross post it on Meetup & our website for folks that do not use FB or don’t have access to our page.
  • 6:30 PM is usual meet for trail time – can change if you need/want it to.
  • $6 Hash Cash is typical cost and generally stay at that price unless something beyond regular (pub crawls).
  • Trail is usually 2-4 miles depending on shiggy level, lasting around an hour or so on trail.
  • Hares should bring flour, toilet paper, chalk – whatever you need to set trail.
  • Hares to bring any shots or special items for the trail. Shot stops are by design of the hares. Bring enough ice to keep your shot checks cold.
  • We have Beer Meisters – their job is to bring all of the beer, cider, water & orange food. Talk to them before trail.
  • Don’t get too extravagant and talk to MM if you want to do something special that isn’t self funded. The hash is intended to be self sufficient. If you buy something, for trail, get a receipt. **Note: All receipts must have items purchased for the hash, circled and a tally of these items on the back of the receipt and turned over for reimbursement by hash cash** any leftovers will return to the Beer Meister.
  • You also get to pick an on after – hopefully very close by were people can get food after trail and less imbibing for safe rides home.
  • An early beer check is your friend for giving you more time on trail. We really promote live trails where hares run in front of pack and pack is trying to catch, but you can prelay sections to give yourself more time too. If you get caught – no big deal – we give you more time from there.
  • All turns must have an intersection or a mark that turns you. Leave enough marks to make pack work a little but don’t lose them. More marks is better. You explain all your intended marks at chalk talk.


After trail there will be a circle run by the RA



To Begin Trail:

  1. Welcome to the # of the Jax Beach Hash House Harriers. Can I Get an On On!
  2. The Hares for today are X & Y and they will now join us for Chalk Talk! (Chalk Talk)
  3. Blessing: Bless these hares,
    Bless this trail,
    Coppus no catch us,
    Doggus no bite us,
    Sharkus no bite us,
    Heatus no stroke us,
    Plenty of cold beer to drink,
    Coitus non interruptus.
    Carpe Beerum
  4. Ask for the amount of time the hares need. (Time check)
  5. Release the Hares… And the Hares are away….
  6. Introductions … Who are you? Where are you from?
  7. Virgins and the sacred instrument.
  8. Stretches….
  9. 1 Choir Practice Song.
  10. The Pack is away after time expires …On Out…

To End Trail:

  1. Circle Up…. What A Shitty Trail… Get the Hares in the Circle
  2. Get everyone’s opinion on Trail….Call those that liked trail into the circle to drink with the hares…
  3. FRB, FBI
  4. DFL, LBI
  5. Sacrifice the Virgins.
  6. Accusations. Everybody Gets at least 1
  7. Naming if any. Everyone gets to ask 2 rounds of questions.
  8. Call out anyone for being an asshole or violating circle protocol.
  9. Announcements
  10. Religion.
  11. Dismiss to the On-After